Gorgeous Gelatins


Now you can impress your friends and family with these beautiful, delicious, custom made to order artistic gelatins made with fresh ingredients, 100% edible. This is the great tradition of gorgeous 18th century desserts.

 A steady hand and a syringe are all it takes to create colourful works of art with one main and unusual ingredient Gelatin.  I add colours to milk products, artificial flavouring and more gelatin along with syringes, my tools, knives and metal instrument lined up as if they are in an operating room.


My artistic Gelatins have been astounding friends and family and now I want to make this edible art available to you.

A great alternative or complement to the traditional cake. These healthy and delicious gelatins make an excellent choice to accentuate any celebration; ideal for Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Graduations, Banquet/Dinners, Office Parties, Social Gatherings and more..

And don’t forget that gelatin is a great choice for those who are conscious of weight loss, calorie counting, or who suffer from Diabetes. Each Gelatin is made by hand and is one of a kind, no two gelatins are alike. Give me an idea of your special occasion and I can personalize a gelatin for you.


About Me

A Little bit of the Artist

Hi everyone, this is Madhavi. Thank you for visiting Blossom Treats website. I have been artistic since my childhood, I used to like painting, decorating and creating different things. My enthusiasm and passion for art make me to learn cake decoration and I made cakes for long time now, then I started looking for something different then I came to know about this Mexican art of 3D gelatine. I was fascinated by this art and self-taught this incredible art. So I started making them as a hobby. I enjoyed making creative gelatines for friends and family partly because I like making gelatine, but mostly because I love the look of their faces when they see a unique gelatine made just for them.

Designing these artistic gelatine desserts allows me to express myself and make me proud who I am. Suddenly, I have fallen in love with this art. And I was surrounded by treasured friends who were asking me to set up a business with my creations. They pushed me, my husband supported me and all of my family inspired me.

Along the way I have added my own touch and ideas but also have been inspired by other fellow gelatine artists in other parts of the world. Blossom Treats is a blessing; it has encouraged me to dream, to pray, to wish and to do it right and never give up. This is how I can teach people around me that there is nothing impossible, we are the ones who set the limits! This is a wonderful art and I’m happy to be able to share my work with you. It has been very excited to initiate this new adventure, and I will do the best to make every gelatine dessert an expression of love and passion!